Mirror Sync module for Linux Device Mapper

Design and implementation of a fault-tolerant syncronous mirroring layer (kernel module) for the Linux device mapper. This module has been used for the OnApp Integrated storage solution to mirror data across replicas, detect failures and mask any possible replica failure, if there is at least one data replica available.

Michail has writen this code while being part of the OnApp Emerging Technologies Group and the module has been used in the OnApp Integrated Storage product, which has been used in production by hundreds of OnApp clouds worldwide.

As a Linux kernel module, the code was open sourced (GPL) and uploaded on Github.

Device-mapper synchronous mirroring and read load-balancing driver @ Github: https://github.com/flouris/dm-mirror_sync

Also available at OnApp github repo: https://github.com/OnApp/dm-mirror_sync