Trilogy 2 (EU Research Project)

“Trilogy 2: Building the Liquid Net” EU-funded research project is aimed at developing a new Internet architecture based on the concept of the liquid network.

A liquid system should ideally allow resources including bandwidth, storage and processing to be used by any application, whether they are contributed by network operators, data centre operators or end systems. Resources form a shared pool and applications can scale up and down in multiple dimensions (storage, processing, bandwidth and energy usage) as needed, in a continuous effort to enhance the users’ experience as measured in terms of key metrics such as delay and battery life.

The main objective of Trilogy 2 is to unlock the value inherent in joining up the pools of liquidity in the Internet. The project will develop more mature liquidity mechanisms addressing the underlying reasons why today liquidity fails to join up across providers, layers and resources. Trilogy 2 will deliver mechanisms for creating liquidity across different types of resources, including cross-layer liquidity, cross-provider liquidity and cross-resource liquidity.