NGPaaS (EU Research Project)

The goal of the NGPaaS EU-funded research project is to implement the next-generation Platform-as-a-Service.


An ideal 5G Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) should not only facilitate building, shipping and running classical virtual network applications (VNF) with “telco-grade” quality, it should also combine all sorts of third-party applications with those VNF for creating new more versatile and powerful cloud objects, breaking silos between connectivity and computing.

Such a 5G PaaS does not exist today. The main goal of NGPaaS is to build it:

  • Telco-grade PaaS to support different configurations and a large set of deployment options such as FPGA/ARM/x86, private/public cloud in a scalable and unifying manner.

  • New Dev-for-Operations model to remove silos not only between different teams of the same organisation, organisations of the same industry but also between different industries (vendor, IoT/Vertical, operator).

  • High quality and high performance development and operational tools based on same ones used in telecom environment for ensuring same quality and SLA.

  • New OSS/BSS model for interfacing with the cloud resources supporting the Telco-grade PaaS optimised for cost and performance in a highly dynamic environment.

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